Eyebrows Lift

levantamiento de cejas cara de mujer con flechas

Ciliary ptosis is the alteration in the normal position of the eyebrows, where they are below the anatomical site.

When it occurs, it results in a sadder and tired look due to the excess skin on the eyelid.

The ciliary ptosis happens as over the years, gravity overcomes the structures of support of the eyebrows, which patients usually try to compensate by raising the eyebrows, generating an increase of the wrinkles in the forehead.

General Information

Reposition the eyebrows to an aesthetically pleasing level by means of hidden incisions between the hair.
The main objective of the surgery performed to carry out the eyebrow lift is to reposition the eyebrows to an aesthetically pleasing level.
The surgery procedure for the eyebrow lift that we perform in Cancún is concluded approximately 1 to 2 hours on average.
Type of surgery
The surgery performed for the eyebrow lift is Ambulatory type, it does not require hospitalization.
The advantage of this surgery is that the anesthesia used is local, it does not require general anesthesia.
When we perform this type of surgery, we do not require hospitalization since the procedure is outpatient.
The discomfort that the patient perceives while performing the surgery, are minimal since we use local anesthesia.
The recovery time is approximately 3 weeks so that the patient is practically without any discomfort.

More Information

Who can be candidate?


Any patient that presents an alteration to the normal positioning to the eyebrow.

Postoperative Management


It is essential daily cleaning with solutions and special shampoo indicated by the specialist. Removal of stitches the next week performed the operation.

Why do it with Dr. Víctor Sámano?

Highly recommended

Dr. Victor Sámano and his team have ample experience and many success cases. This procedure is performed in average twice a week.

Your best option for raising eyebrows in Cancun

The testimonials of our patients speak for us, as well as the work that can be observed with the photographs of the before and after the raising of eyebrows, do not hesitate, you deserve it

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