Hair Transplant

transplante de cabello cepillo lleno de cabello

Alopecia is hair loss, which can be partial or total, either diffused or generalized. It can be generated in the head, as well as in eyebrows, mustache or beard.
The normal growth of hair has a cycle with three phases: a growth stage or anagen, a stage of rest or catagen and a stage of fall or telogen.

Alopecia can be congenital or acquired; In its congenital form, the follicles may have alterations or may even be absent. Acquired alopecias can be by scars, skin diseases or stress.
It is one of the most present affectations in the world, that can affect emotionally, even with loss of the self-esteem.

General Information

It allows to recover lost hair through follicular micrografts with a team of specialists in the hair treatment.
The goal of hair transplantation is to recover lost hair over time due to different circumstances of life.
The hair transplant procedure we do in Cancun takes about 6 to 8 hours on average, since we do a craft work.
Type of surgery
Hair transplant surgery is Ambulatory, it does not require hospitalization.
The advantage of this surgery is that the anesthesia is local, does not require general anesthesia.
When we perform hair transplants, we do not require hospitalization since the procedure ambulatory.
The discomfort during hair transplantation is minimal since we use local anesthesia.
The time taken for the recovery is approximately 4 months in which the patient is virtually without any discomfort.

Before and After

  • Before-
    Before After

More Information

Who can be candidate?


Any patient with hair loss and that has an adequate donor area, located in the posterior part of the head.

Postoperative Management


It is essential to wash with the specific shampoo directed by the specialist.

Why do it with Dr. Víctor Sámano?

Highly recommended

Dr. Víctor Sámano and his team have ample experience and many success cases. This procedure is performed in average twice a week.

Your best option for hair transplantation in Cancun

The testimonies of our patients speak for us, as well as the work that can be observed with the photographs before and after the hair transplant, do not hesitate, you deserve it!

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