genioplata lipoinyeccion facion

There are different degrees of lack of chin development, which can range from self-esteem problems to problems for eating, speaking or breathing properly, for which there is a wide range of treatments.

A genioplasty can modify the aesthetic aspect in relation to the shape, size or position of the chin, always taking into account the harmonic relations of the face of each particular patient.

General Information

Its objective is to increase the size of the chin, achieving that way harmony and balance with the rest of the face features.
The goal of genioplasty is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the chin by correcting its projection.
The chin augmentation procedure we perform in Cancun takes about 2 hours on average.
Type of surgery
Chin augmentation surgery is Ambulatory, ie, it does not require hospitalization.
The advantage of this surgery is that the anesthesia is local, so it does not require general anesthesia.
When we perform chin augmentation surgery, we do not require hospitalization since the procedure is outpatient.
The discomfort during the chin augmentation procedure is minimal since we use local anesthesia.
The time taken for the recovery is approximately 2 weeks so that the patient is virtually without any discomfort.

Before and After

  • Before-Genioplastia
    Before Genioplastia After

More Information

Who can be candidate?

Any patient.

Any patient with alterations in the shape, volume or chin position.

Postoperative Management

It is essential

  • Splint use for a week.
  • Removal of stitches is not required.
  • There are no visible scars or wounds.
  • Final results within 4 weeks.

Why do it with Dr. Víctor Sámano?

Highly Recommended

Dr. Victor Sámano has wide trainings in different facial surgery procedures.

Your best option for chin augmentation in Cancun

The testimonials of our patients speak for us, as well as the work that can be observed with the photographs before and after the genioplasty, do not hesitate, you deserve it!

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